Wednesday, July 18, 2012

post #8 (for me)

Post 8: We are in the middle of week 2 of the training or week 1 of children's camp. I have 16 middle schoolers in my homeroom and besides homeroom, I see them twice in the day. They go from class to class, being taught by the American teachers, their Chinese teachers and engaged in English language activities. In my activities, we often play American games. This week we have played Jeopardy, the telephone game and ask a question. They enjoy the music time and relay races at the end of the school day, which lasts until 4:30.

Chinese schools start about 8:30 with Breakfast followed by classes until noon. From noon until 2 PM, students and teachers have lunch and a rest. The teachers actually can go to a dormitory to take a nap and most do.

On our lunch hour, we eat, have a brief meeting with the entire American (and Canadian, Ken is here too!) team and then several of us walk down to the street market for cold drinks, American food and shopping or just browsing. Not too many naps!

The picture is my free talk group this week. They are, in order from left to right: Lily, Anna, Eileen, YuKi, Randy.

My host is Randy; Anna and Yuki live in the same apartment complex and we car pool together each day.

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